Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii throws a few blasts from the past a well as a few new tricks.
Review By Philip Feidamion

New Super Mario Bros in my opinion is the best Mario adventure game thus far. For sure all the old Mario games are pretty fun, but this one has up to 4 players in it, or you can just go on a single player mode, which is still just as new and fun. This is great for the family and friends and it's extra fun because four people play on one screen, there is no taking turns, so it's extra fun.There are only 4 characters to choose from Mario, Luigi and two random Toads. Yeah I thought they could have been more creative than two random toads but its still tons of fun. Now lets get into game details.

Just like the classic Mario games there are only 3 or 4 buttons you need to use, jump and move basically, but a new feature that is pretty fun you can use some motion skills too like jerk the wii mote up and you can jump and hold down 1 and jerk up the wii mote and pick up objects like frozen enemies that you freeze and toss em and break them, its fun. There are really fun bosses to fight as well, it's just not the same thing over and over, it's something fun and new to Mario.  

There are 8 Worlds, then an extra one if you collect all the coins through out the 8 worlds, there are 3 coins in each level, it makes it fun for re-playability. There are a couple new power ups too like freezing, and a gliding suit which makes you fly high and float down, just to name a few. Hands down it is a very very fun game if you enjoy Mario. The graphics are outstanding in this game, for a Mario game. Nice 3d clear graphics, the backgrounds are beautiful and it's very colorful and amazing. There is not much more to say about it except it is a lot better than the old Mario graphics. 

This game is great for the family, especially of four. Once you pick it up, it is very hard to put it down, you seriously just want to keep playing. There are also a couple extra games, like coin collecting and free play.  



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