Saturday, September 29, 2012

StarCraft - Brood War

Not much of a difference from the first, but... will you get bored of it? No.
Review By Haunter120

The answer your question on WHY you will never get bored of this game goes like this: Starcraft and SC Brood War have a multiplayer mode which you can play with other people online... now here comes the main part: There is an option called Use Map Settings. In there, different people all over the world create games of any kind to it. Action, Madness, Weird, RPG.. you name it, and it keeps going on and on. So if you really like a game you played on use map settings, and then a new one comes out and you like it better, then you probably will play Multiplayer mode all the time. See what I mean? I had this game for about a year and still haven't got bored of it. Now onto the main game:

GRAPHICS: Although they are 2-D, the graphics come in different varieties. You can have Ice, Desert, Ash, Twilight (my favorite), Jungle, Badlands, Space, and Installation terrain. All of them have different things featured on them. The characters look so real and when they attack it looks even better.

SOUND: The only flaw with the sound is that it can get annoying. There are different sounds and music for different races. The campaign briefings in the main scenario are done very well. The games hasn't been done in Japan, so there is no dubbing or subbing, which is good.

GAMEPLAY: This is the best thing in the game. The game is actually more like a sequel to Starcraft, because the scenarios are different. However, everything else is the same, making it an expansion. You can play your own games and set them up anyway you like. 1v7, 1v6, 1v5, etc. On multiplayer it's even better. The fun of Use Map Settings comes from the real cool StarEdit, a map creator. Create your own map, put trigger in it, get WAVs, etc. then play them online with other people! It's cool how you can make different types of maps, you can even make RPGs, as there are more than 30 playable up in the Use Map Settings menu right now.

REPLAYABLE: I told you in the first paragraph.

OVERALL: Definitely get this game. You'll like it. A lot.




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