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One of best game the 90`s had to offer...and still extremely playable in this day of age.
Review By BimmyandJimmy

Real time strategy games have always been a fickle bunch. While many of them are fun and challenging, many of them are considered to be unbalanced and favorite for one particular race. My earliest experience I remember of playing RTS was the Command and Conquer games that I would play at my friends house in the mid 90s, and the most I remember from those games was that while they were fun, they didn't make much sense to me, although granted, I was only a 5 year old with ADD at the time. That was until Starcraft was released in 1998, considered to be one of the best ever made, and for a good reason why. It took all the things you loved about RTS games and gave it such a whole new imagination and scope, making it the ultimate strategy game that you will ever play in your life.

Actually, I find this rather interesting that I loved this game, seeing as how the RTS games were always a genera that I seem to have avoided. Reason being, I could never EVER for the life of me go toe to toe with those are absolute nuts about these kinds of games. That's not the case with Star craft, seeing as how it seemed to be a game that anybody with any level of experience can pick up, play and have a great time doing so, as well as improving your skills to the point were you have enough experience to become masters at the game, using an endless number of strategies to use to defeat your competitors with for years to come.

The main reason why this game is incredibly skillful and competitive was the introduction of the three main race system that was lacking in these types of games at the time, or from what I've understood. Besides that, each race has always felt not only powerful, but easy to control, YET hard to master. I can't count how many times in my life were I have debated on which race was better, seeing as how it would constantly change over the years due to my playing style.

Either than that, Star craft is pretty much flawless in every category I can think of. The atmosphere, while lacking in graphical power, ever for a game in 1998, gives off both a big bold, warlike tone with sweeping, hypnotic colors and shading that will leave you breathless. Combine that with with the great range of music that fit each race perfectly...and my god, you've got yourself one hell of a game.

Many patches and versions of the games has been released over the years, and each time they have updated to a new version, there is always something changes that makes it better than the last. Remember back in the day when the games was first released, back when Zerg rushing was common, and when the Protos has a unfair building handicap that made it almost impossible to play at the beginning of any game? I myself, after accidentally losing my copy of the game, downloaded it off of torrent and played the game as it was from its original creation, you know, version 1.0 itself, and by doing so, it deeply appreciated my view on all the versions of the game that have followed. 

Of course, the replay value is just through the roof and beyond. Many hours of my teenage years were spent playing this game, that same time I could be been doing something much more “productive” by societies viewpoint, but screw that. This game was pretty much my life back then and I couldn't even put it down at all. Its is just that addicting, and even frustrating enough to make you play over and over again. The proof is still shows today. Many gamers still play this game religiously, either on or offline over the internet, and even to this day, there are still many professional Star craft tournaments held all the time, and that should say something for this games reliability after more than 12 years after its released.

SYSTEM: PC, Mac OS, Nintendo 64



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