Thursday, October 04, 2012

Resident Evil 6

The best in the series by far.
Review By WalkingLobsters

Perhaps the best Resident Evil game since Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Yes, of the main entries in the franchise, this game topples Resident Evil 4 and 5.

Strictly comparing this game with the other more traditional third person shooters in the franchise, Resident Evil 4 and 5, it's quite superior in every way.

STORY: After Resident Evil 5 finally concluded the 15 year storyline that started with Resident Evil 1, we are met with a new and rich storyline. The story is pretty much this, a new C-Virus is running rampant across the world and we follow various characters, including the fan favorites Chris and Leon, take on the new disease.

The storytelling is absolutely brilliant in this entry. Have you seen the movie Crash? It's similar to that, in that we follow the lives of various characters, independently of each other, and watch as their fates gradually intertwine. But instead of a film that dramatizes stereotypes, racism, sexism and other deplorable acts, the game gradually intertwines the actions of characters all across the world, with little interaction are knowledge of what each other is doing, are able to work together in a united effort against this new Biological attack. 

I won't give anything else away, but this story pushes the franchise to its limit. It's no longer a small mansion, a city in the middle of nowhere, mountain tops, or dense jungles in the middle of Africa; it's the entire god damn world that's running rampant with an infectious disease that is quickly destroying humanity. Be prepared for the fight of your life.

SOUND: Great ambient music, satisfying sound effects, and great voice acting. What more do you need?

GRAPHICS: Can't comment too much on this, given that there isn't much to compare it to aside from its predecessor. Its graphics are pretty much the same as Resident Evil 5. This is great.

GAMEPLAY: Here is where this game truly shines. It's not the same as previous titles. It doesn't have that eerie feeling or tension so thick that you could sense it manifesting behind your chair and you couldn't help but turn around to see if there was in fact a monster behind you. Gone are the horror elements, in with innovation, in with change, in with leading the series in a new direction after 8 years.

Here's what exactly makes this game so amazing. Now, Japanese and Western developers have very different styles when it comes to video games. Japanese developers place heavy emphasis on atmosphere, setting, orchestrated music, boss fights, and gameplay mechanics. Western developers are more prone to give a cinematic experience, interactive enemies and boss fights, rich storylines, jampacked with content, give the player more of a hands-on control of the story. 

This game fuses both of these styles and it results in a masterpiece. Here are the itty bitty details. The cover system is very well-done. Obviously influenced from the plethora of Western titles have redefined the effectiveness of the cover system and how immensely it could add to gameplay. Capcom was able to do some great things with it.

There was a part where little black creatures were coming at you from everywhere, and the only way to avoid it was to take cover, leaving your rear protected and leaving you space to take out the enemies that are in front of you, while others are trying to break through the rear. It keeps the player aware of his surroundings at times and once the creatures are destroyed from the front, they gradually break through the cover and your character has to get off and destroy the ones coming from the front.

Another cool thing about the covering system is that it's not always mandatory and sometimes it could be a terrible choice. At some point in the game, you'll see creatures crawling around on the floor and scattering so fast that you don't know where they went. Ahead you'll see an enemy with a conveniently placed cover next to him. If the character covers and shoots from over the cover, that creature that was previously mentioned attacks, while the other enemy comes rushing at you like a crimson head. It's really great AI. 

In addition to those elements, it also incorporates some elements of an RPG, giving you more control over your character and how he or she results come end-game. You have the abilities to level up various skills such as pistols, shotguns, health, etc. The changes you get from doing this are very significant and there are various builds you could make which adds to replay value and really helps solidify to yourself and to the community that your character is truly something unique. There is no bad way of leveling your character, I mean, some can be more effective than the others but you can still finish the game, regardless.

Now, what really makes this game stick out is how truly interactive the gameplay is. Every third person shooter plays pretty much the same. You run, you find an enemy, you aim, and you shoot. Rinse and repeat. In this game, however, to give it a more flexible feel and feel more than just a shooter, they've added interactive sequences between you and the enemies. For example, you've seen it in Resident Evil 4 and 5 when you shoot an enemy in the head and if he's stunned, you have the option to kick him. This game goes way beyond that.

Giving you the choice of either just straight up running up to the enemy and punching him in the face, or suplexing him, or you can shoot him from afar. They've done a great job with this. For instance, you'll have about 10 enemies in front of you, you shoot one, but the others are still running at you and there's a wall to your back. In a regular Resident Evil game, you would have gotten messed up, but in this game, as they approach, you have the ability to perform interactive melee moves to disrupt the onslaught of the AI. Once hindered, you could finish off the remaining enemies in however order or style of gameplay you wish to do. To put this whole system into better perspective, from afar, you're playing a third-person shooter, up close; you're playing a beat ‘em up game. 

I don't want to spoil too much about other elements of the gameplay, but let's just say you get to pilot jets and other vehicles!

The boss fights are probably the best in the Resident Evil franchise. Without a doubt, the developers probably put in most of their work into designing these boss fights.

OVERALL: This game is just flawless. It has everything you could possibly want in a video game. Japanese and Western style fusion, great music, beautiful graphics, developed story, and revolutionary combat.

SYSTEM: PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3



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