Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire

A Great Way to Store all your Pokemon from different Games!
Review By Bass260

Hey Pokemon Fan boys. If you are reading this then you must be a fan of Pokemon. If you are a Fan boy like me you probably have every Pokemon Game and want more storage to store every all the Pokemon you have? Well then this is the game for you. If you are trying to capture and collect every single Pokemon and you need space to put all 386 Pokemon you want to collect. You can get this game and have 1500 spaces to put your Pokemon. It is an excellent way to store every Pokemon.

I would only suggest this game if you are trying to capture every Pokemon and need more space. If you just get it and have space then it might be a waste of Money. I picked up the game for $20 and it has became very useful for me since the games don't have all the space in the world to store Pokemon. The only problem is that this game is a little hard to find in the Gaming market. It sells at the Pokemon Center in New York for $20. There is a possibility you might find it in a game store with used games because some guy could have sold it.

It also might be a good way to store items because you can attach them to Pokemon then put the Pokemon with the attached items in your storage and then you will have more storage for items.

There isn't really much you can do on this game so there is no Game Play. The Graphics reach average if not better then average. The sound is nice. Some added classic Pokemon tunes added in the game. My favourite thing about the game is that if you have a certain number of Pokemon in your storage you get certain rare Pokemon with rare moves.

This game comes with a GBA Link Cable so you can trade from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and FireRed/LeafGreen easily. It comes with a Memory Card with 59 Memory. The memory card may also provide useful. Also the game will let you play the GBA Pokemon games without a Game Boy Player. Overall this game is very useful for storing all your Pokemon and it really helps organizing your Pokemon. Hope you have fun if you decide to buy the game and Happy Storing!

SYSTEM: Nintendo Game Cube



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