Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pokemon Colosseum

Gotta catch....I mean Snag 'em all!
Review By Deathborn 668

What can I say but WOW. This is definitely a, best game in the entire series. I mean it just has everything a good Pokemon game needs. 

GAMEPLAY: The RPG elements of the Story Mode are very intriguing and the amount of strategy this game requires is quite phenomenal. It is so easy to do a battle just select your attacks and the game does the rest for you. 

STORY: In Orre, a desert pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and where Pokemon are scarce, lies a great evil. Someone is turning Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon by sealing their hearts tight. It's up to you to seek out all 48 of the Shadow Pokemon and Snag them from their trainers. Once done that you must do special things so you can open up their hearts, then you can purify them, and use them for good on your team. It's easier said than done though, you'll have a ton of tough trainers in your way. And were finally away from the kiddy become the champion formula now. 

SOUND: Again, the music is really good. The bosses have tense, fast paced music while other trainers have slow paced music to calm you down. The best music in the game? Just wait until you hear Miror B.'s dance theme, it's hilarious.

GRAPHICS: They did a really good job with the graphics in this game and he attacks look marvelous but on the other side, the same sprites were used for old Pokemon, and that got me mad as I was hoping to see most of my favorites look so much better on the GCN. Don't let this disappoint you though- there's a lot of other more important things than graphics. 

REPLAYABLE: After beating the game you have to capture the remaining Shadow Pokemon you missed and then we got all of Colosseum Mode to do! It'll keep you busy for quite a while- that's for sure. But after beating everything, there isn't much fun left in the game. 

OVERALL: For a Pokemon fan with a Gamecube, it's like suicide not getting this game. This is one really good Pokemon game. I try to convince you to get this and a GCN if you don't have one because of all the fun you're missing. This is one great game and without it, your pretty much not a Pokemon fan anymore.

SYSTEM: Nintendo Game Cube



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