Monday, December 03, 2012

Hey You, Pikachu!

A pretty solid and fun game!

Review By Tien Nguyen
I was a bit of a skeptic to check out Hey You, Pikachu! Now that I have played it I realized that this game is a very fun game but there could be some changes to it to make it a lot better.
For one the price is a bit steep but I was able to get it for 40 dollars. Also it is a bit on the short side but in the end a solid package.

GAMEPLAY: This game is pretty fun once you get past the beginning commands because Pikachu seems to not understand anything at first. Very innovative to start using the microphone. Walking around and doing alot of things in the Pokemon world actually make you feel as if you're actually playing the Pokemon games. Besides all the mini games are really cool like feeding Balbasaur and helping out Caterpie are actually fun although it is very kiddie.

STORY: There really isn't a story to this game. The basic premise is you take control of a mildly tamed Pikachu and you must give it commands. The more commands you give the better friends that you become. Commands include Cobalt Cove and helping Balbasaur make food and other miscellaneous missions that make up the commands of Hey You, Pikachu!

SOUND: This is the real winning part in Hey You, Pikachu! All voices and sounds are extremely authentic. From Pikachu's famous ''pika'' to Balbasaur ''balba'' all sounds are very similar to their tv counterparts, that adds the effect of realism and makes the sound incredible. The voices are a little too cute however. The music is also on par with the quality of the sound. As much as those Pokemon songs got on my nerves at the beginning they have begun to grow on me. The music in Hey You, Pikachu! has grown on me too and eventually you'll either like it or you'll wanna throw the cartridge in the trash but that would be wasting 50 bucks.

REPLAYABLE: There really isn't much replay after finishing all the commands for Pikachu. What you can do however is keep on going so the game really never ends, you'll just eventually get really bored of the game. It's fun but after finishing the game there isn't really much to do.

OVERALL: Get or not? Depends. If you play a lot then you should rent. If you will sporadically play the game then it will last awhile or if you are an absolute poke fanatic then you should get it. Otherwise rent.

SYSTEM: Nintendo 64



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