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Pokemon Channel

Great fun, but a bit empty.
Review By Anndrix

This is the most fun I have had for the GameCube. Yes, I know most people would complain that "You're just watching TV and there's not much else to do," but I have to partially disagree. Sure, you watch TV, but everyone is forgetting what we learned when just beginning our adventure "For some people, POKeMON are pets. Others use them for fights." Well, Professor Oak, I'm done being a trainer and want to have a pet instead. Yes, there was a Yellow Version that let Pikachu follow you around until you got tired of that and stuck him in your PC because you couldn't evolve him. However, this is not the Yellow Version and this is a somewhat refreshing experience.

So, let me get started on my review: I really enjoyed this game. The game starts out like any other: It's a bright sunny day and there are pokemon gathered around having a nice chat in a meadow. Then, several Magnemites fly by to somewhere carrying a television set. Curious, the gang of Torchic, Treecko, and Pikachu go see where the Magnemite are heading.

Just letting themselves in, the Magnemite place the TV in your room then dash off. Before you have a chance to know what's going on, Professor Oak comes on the air and tells you that they are testing out a new programming system and he needs your help. After agreeing, you notice that the trio of Pokemon you saw earlier are outside your door. Startled, Torchic and Treecko run off while Pikcahu stays. Needless to say, this Pikachu is going to be your best buddy for the entire game.

You only start out with a couple of channels, so it's kind of dull at the beginning. As real life days pass by, you will get an extra channel to add to your programming list. Tired of watching the set? Then there are a few things you can do such as play with Pikachu or collecting Pokemon Cards.

Now, there's a few problems I have with this game. First, is why do you have to be with Pikachu? There seven pokemon you can choose from (Kanto Starter Pokemon, Johto Starter Pokemon, and Pikachu). I would have loved to have Charmander or Bulbasaur as a pet and I'm sure that others would have wanted Treecko or Squirtle or Chickorita. This is not so much a problem as it is more of an annoyance.

The next problem I have is that you can only choose from 3 locations in the entire game not including your house. Part of the Pokemon experience was the exploration part of it. Seeing as how I'm limited to only four locations, I feel penned in and unable to feel wanted. This could have been fixed with a Kanto map idea, where you can get friends and go to different towns and explore with your Pokemon at your side. Plus, the locations you go to are completely different from what you see in Pokemon Red, Blue, Gold, or SIlver Versions, so that might put Pokemon Veterans into an uncomfortable zone.

Another thing I had trouble getting around was just how empty this entire world I live in felt like. I have gone to all the locations and only saw, not including Pikachu, a total of maybe ten different pokemon. Out of the 251 pokemon that are in Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver, ten pokemon makes it feel like I'm the one of four people in a town that could hold about 1500 people. I don't want to be bumping in to pokemon all the time, but I would have loved to see it a bit more populated with the critters.

Also, the fact that it's only single player kind of kills the game a bit. If there were minigames for two or more players, I would have grabbed some friends and challenged them in a show called Wobbuffet's Quiz Show. Yes, it was fun to see pokemon having trouble guessing the quizzes, but I was hoping to show my friends up with my awesome Pokemon knowledge. It didn't even have to be on the quiz show. There are so many missed opportunities in this game for multiplayer that it wouldn't have been hard to make at least one multiplayer game to play with up to four friends.

The final problem I have is the number of collectibles I can get in the entire game. Stuffed animals, channels, Pokemon Mini games, and Pokemon cards are nice, but I would have liked to see some more collectible items. Along with this, I would have loved to have been able to have a bit of control over how I decorate my room. I got tired of my bedsheets and the wallpaper about two days in to the game. Yes, you can customize your TV and Pokepad, but that doesn't really cut it for me. The number of channels you get is fine, but I would have loved to see more Shows rather than have the Pichu Bros. and a bunch of infomercial programming. Three or Four shows would have been nice and plus it would add a bit of variety.

This is a wonderful game that blends a bit of Animal Crossing into the world of Pokemon in an attempt to try something different from the Pokemon are fighting creatures mentality. Ambrellla and Nintendo, this is a great game and I enjoyed it. my final score is 7/10. Fun to play, but gets really dull after about a week in.

Is this worth getting a GameCube for? I could name two other games for you, but I would say this is worth at least borrowing a friend's computer to check out. Is it worth the $60 price tag? I would estimate the value at about $25. It's a game not meant for hardcore gamers, it's meant as something to play over the weekend or at least for someone who hasn't played a single Pokemon game in the last twenty years or so.

My favorite part of this game was watching TV and the fact that I got a new channel every day. I would like for the channel premieres to have been a bit further away, maybe a new channel every Friday. That would have been a plus in my book and add a tiny bit of replay value to the game. All in all, I would recommend this to someone else if they haven't played any other game before or are easily frustrated by difficult gameplay. I'm not going to mention controls because you're just moving a cursor. It's not like you want that cursor to go faster than the speed of light, now would you?

The previous game to have created a "Pokemon are Pets" mentality was Hey You, Pikachu for the Nintendo 64. I say this game goes a long way from that one and you don't need a mic in order to play. The graphics, I really don't care about. It's a game, I don't want it to look like reality or close to it in any way. I love the colors, I like the bright lights, and I love Pokemon.

Would I want to see a sequel for this game? If they added what I stated above, I would gladly love to see at least one more sequel to this very endearing franchise. Pokemon are pets as well as used for fights, that is what everyone learned when we first set off on our Pokemon Adventures.

SYSTEM: Nintendo Game Cube



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