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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team

Touching Story, Magnificent Ending.
Review By SpikeDragon

This, to me, was truly one of the most touching and interesting Pokemon games that I have ever played. I pre-ordered it, figuring it would live up to expectations, and not only did it meet them, it exceeded them. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team was a complete success, and it is one of the greatest risk-taking games I have played, as well.

STORY: Oh, I must say, this game had the greatest story line I have seen in any Pokemon game. You wake up as a Pokemon, with no clue how or why you are there. There is no trace of any evidence that explained anything to you, and you had forgotten your human life as well. However, you are met my a little Pokemon who is wondering why you are there. After going into a dungeon together, you decide to make a Rescue Team together, saving various Pokemon in dangerous missions to gain points and better ranks. 

Although you are beginning to settle happily with your new friends, you are met by a spirit, who tells you that you are going to return to the human world once you complete your final mission. I was literally crying when I came to the ending of the first story line, and couldn't stop wondering how it felt it I were really there. I won't tell you anymore of the story, for that would be spoiling it, but I have to say that this story was the greatest and most touching story that I have ever seen in any game, simply because it hits you right in the heart.

GAMEPLAY: The game-play wasn't half bad in this game. It was completely different, as well. Before you enter a dungeon, you are at your team base. From there, you can either get your friends to go with you into a dungeon, or you can head to Pokemon Square, where more Pokemon are there to help you. There is the Kecleon Shop, where two Kecleon brothers are there to sell you anything you need. Below then is the Kangaskhan Storage, where a big, but sweet Pokemon will store any items that you don't need at the moment. Beyond them is the Persian Bank, where a feline will keep your money safe from harm. 

Next to him is the Wigglytuff Friend Shop, where a big pink thing sells you Friend Areas to recruit more Pokemon. Below them is the Gulpin Link Shop, where you can link items or re-learn forgotten moves. There are several other interesting places beyond the Pokemon Square, such as the Makuhita Do-jo and the Pelipper Post office. When ready, you can then select the missions you want to take, and enter a dungeon to complete the task. Go through the floors, complete the mission, and you will be rewarded, and returned to your base. The game-play is fun and basic, but I was hoping for a little something else, because the game-play is a bit too repetitive. It's still good, nonetheless.

GRAPHICS: I loved the graphics in this game. The Pokemon look so real, with their faces and noses able to be seen. The stores and shops all look nicely-done, and the view to the right of the Pelipper Post Office is simply wonderful to look at. When entering a dungeon, the floors are all unique, and change with each visit. The ground and background changes as you progress through the levels, and, when returning to base, you are even fast asleep before playing again. All the Pokemon are their proper sizes, and their appearances are great. 

The moves the Pokemon use look like the move as well. I don't understand why, when returning to base, you are beamed from the sky, but I am guessing that there was a reason to it. All the flaws that they have in the graphics are not terrible, but interesting. Psyduck makes me want to laugh because he has brown circles around his eyes, making him look like he's either wearing glasses, or he didn't have enough sleep. The size of Groudon compared to an Onix is interesting as well. The graphics were nicely done, and all the flaws are unseen.

CONTROLS: I thought the control was great, but a little hard at first. You move around with the control pad, and the A button is used for an attack or to talk. The B button is to open up the selection screen, or pause. The L and R buttons are to move diagonally easier, and the Start Button is used to change the direction you are facing without having to move. I thought that the control was good, but why was the B button the pause button? I was so used to the Start button being the pause button, so using the B button took some getting used to. 

The L and R buttons were a bit difficult to use, and the new function for the Start button always messed me up. The A button was probably the only button I could master easily. However, after a few times going through a dungeon, you will have mastered the controls almost instantly. You may have a difficult time before hand, but after playing the game for awhile, you'll eventually get used to the controls, so there really isn't much of a problem here.

SOUND: I liked the sound very much. The sound of the moves used during battle matched the moves that were being dished out. Sound effects that indicated the amount of damage a Pokemon did to another was good, and going down floors are you continued progressing through the dungeon was good as well. The music in each dungeon matched the way the dungeon made you feel, and legendary battle music was different based on how difficult the Pokemon was. The music played when at your base or in the Pokemon Square was great, because it made you feel cheerful and safe. 

Quick music was used in difficult situations, such as meeting a difficult team, or entering a Monster House. Slow and melancholy music was used to make you feel sad, or discouraged, just like the Pokemon who were in the game. Basically, the sound made you feel like you were actually there, and that's what impressed me the most. The sound was better than most games I have ever played.

DIFFICULTY: Wow, where do I start? The difficulty was awesome. The bosses were WAY harder than regular fights with the weaker Pokemon, and the story was very long as well. There is a time when you become a fugitive, and you have no other options but to savor your items, and conquer the legendary beasts without the option to enter a weak dungeon and stock up on items. You are only limited to carrying twenty items with you, making it even harder to decide what items to take. In some situations, you will have to enter a dungeon that has a whopping 99 floors, and you don't have the option to save in the middle of it like regular Pokemon games. 

You only have the option to quick-save, which will save your progress thus far, but not permanently. Once you re-enter the dungeon, the quick-save is deleted, preventing any turn off, re-tries. The ability to evolve is only available after you complete the first story line, so it's very difficult to beat all the tough legendary Pokemon without being evolved. The difficulty for this game was completely amazing, and even I was having a hard time completing it.

REPLAYABLE: Just like the difficulty, the re-playability is exceptional. The bosses are still hard, there is still no ability to save whenever you want, and you basically have to play the game as if it were your first time. You'd have to complete the game again, and get the ability to evolve again, plus you'd have to take the time to gain all your levels again! Recruiting one of every Pokemon, then evolving them with the appropriate level is no easy task, and beating the 99 floor dungeons will be harsh. 

There are no new features just because you beat the game one time, so don't even try to find some little loop holes, or a few extra bonuses in there for you, because there aren't any. All figures will have to be obtained again, as well as all the dungeons you had previously unlocked. I know this is a hard game to complete the second time around because my brother did, and he's still been working on it for about 2 weeks now. Seriously, the re-playability is great, so if you get bored of your old games, play this game again!

OVERALL: I was extremely impressed with this game. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team was a big risk, and an even bigger success. It had a magnificent, yet sad, story, the game was decently hard, the controls were quick to learn, the sound was excellent, and the game-play was great, so what else is there to say? This game is still one of my favorite games to play in my spare time, and this probably will not change until either I lose it, or my Game Boy Advance breaks. Have fun playing this game, because with a touching story, this game has a magnificent ending, which you all will most likely enjoy.

I highly encourage you to buy this game. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team is a phenomenal game in which people of all ages will enjoy, so why don't you check the stores for awhile and see if this game is there for you. If you aren't a Pokemon fan, at least try a rent, because this Pokemon game is different from all the rest, and you just might enjoy it.

SYSTEM: Game Boy Advance


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