Friday, December 07, 2012

Pokemon Pinball

Putting the name "Pokémon" on this resulted in a good game!
Review By BRalston

FUN FACTOR: As far as pinball games go, this is one of the best. I really had a blast smashing Meowth with a ball in one of the bonus games. There is a red and blue table which adds even more replay value and excitement. One cool feature is a Pikachu that is in one of the out lanes. When the ball hits it, pikachu does a thundershock and shoots the ball back into play!

GRAPHICS: This game has great graphics even considering the limitations of the Gameboy. The ball animations are perfect. The pokemon look just like they do on television also.

SOUND: The background music is nothing familiar, but still sounds good. The sound effects get the job done. The pokemon voice samples are on the mark too.

CONTROLS: If any of you have a control issue, it's because you are retarded. You only control a left and right flipper! Well, you can nudge the table but I never used it.

REPLAYABLE: You will want to play again and again because of all the pokemon you can catch. Two tables, a pokedex, and mini-games are sure to be enough reasons to be hooked on this title.

OVERALL: Even if you have never heard of pokemon, this game will still be very entertaining. Chalk up another great gameboy game for the little hand-held that could.

SYSTEM: Game Boy Color



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