Friday, December 14, 2012

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

How ironic: The best Pokemon game is a remake!
Review By Leetdude

Yes, indeed. One of the absolute best Pokémon games is nothing more than a simple remake of Tetris Attack made portable, and probably is the one that sold the least. It's really a shame, though, that the best Pokémon game of them all is being shunned by all of the Pokémon fans that will take ''Pokémon Snap'' or ''Pokémon Pinball'' instead. Onto the game, though, I can see why people would leave it out and simply forget about it. Most people have never been big on puzzle games. The people who enjoy puzzle games the most, namely adults, usually have bad eyes and can't see the tiny screen of a Game Boy Color. 

Most teenagers find no real enjoyment in puzzle games, because puzzle games normally do not have blood, guts, gore, or action. Children do not fully grasp any interest in puzzle games, because of the requirement of sense that puzzle games have in order to be good at them. Thus, a portable puzzle game is not going to sell well. Unfortunately for those that don't buy it, though, Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is a wonderful Puzzle game, and is quite possibly the best Pokémon game of all. 

The Graphics in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge are amazing, for the Game Boy Color. The blocks in the game look just as good as they do in Tetris Attack, or even the Nintendo 64 version, Pokémon Puzzle League. Besides this important fact, they are also quite easy to be seen, even in darkness. This is a surprising fact, because most Game Boy games are quite dark. The Pokémon at the side look very nice, like they would in the cartoon. The characters also look fairly good. Overall, the Graphics are very similar to the original Tetris Attack. This is not a bad thing whatsoever.  

The Music is quite a pleasant change from most Pokémon games. Instead of the overly annoying music in the original that you would expect from a regular Nintendo, Pokémon Puzzle Challenge has an enjoyable remake of some of the songs from the original. The songs are much more enjoyable to listen to than on the original, or even on the cartoon or Pokémon Stadium. The Sound Effects are just like they were on Pokémon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64 as well as Tetris Attack. There is a simple, yet catchy, sound for the blocks being knocked away. You hear your Pokémon's cry whenever you get a combo or chain, which sounds much better than it did on the original or Pokémon Stadium. 

Just as Tetris Attack did, Pokémon Puzzle Challenge controls perfectly and smoothly. In some ways, it's even easier to play than Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League. The Directional Pad controls where the cursor is. The A button switches the blocks inside the cursor. The B button pushes the blocks up one level automatically, while they go up at a normal speed all the time. The Start button pauses the game, where you can choose to continue or quit. New people to puzzle games, as well as puzzle veterans, can pick up this simple concept with no trouble whatsoever. Tetris Attack players will feel right at home with the switch to two buttons instead of four.  

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge not only looks very nicely and plays very nicely, it's also quite fun to play. I believe the word I'm looking for here is addictive. You will definitely want to keep playing the game for a long time after you start it, making it an excellent choice for trips, since you cannot easily get bored of the game. Almost every mode is quite enjoyable in some way, making for many different games in one, all of which being equally enjoyable. The variety adds to the game's fun greatly. 

There are many different modes of difficulty in Pokémon, making for a fine difficulty for everybody. For the new players, there's an easy mode, where the opponents barely take any combos or chains to beat, and rarely use combos or chains themselves. For veterans, there's a decent hard mode. Beat it to unlock Intense and Super Intense modes, which are definitely quite difficult for anybody. There's also the Marathon mode, which is fine for everybody, and the Puzzle mode, which is a special thinking puzzle for those who believe they're good enough to finish anything.  

The Replay Value in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is endless, like it was in Tetris Attack. However, in one area, Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is even more replayable than Tetris Attack was. Because of the fact that it's portable, you can enjoy the wonderful game anywhere. It has many different modes that you can play, and also many different difficulty levels. The Marathon Mode can be played as many times as you want without it getting boring, because you will definitely always want to go for a higher score. The Super Intense level on Challenge mode is tough every time you play through it, making for many different games of it. 

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, like Tetris Attack before it, is easily one of the most addictive games ever. It's the perfect game to become portable. It comes in a good package, with fine Graphics and Sound. Despite the Pokémon image it has, it can easily be good for anybody who gives it a try, like the puzzle genre is famous for. I would recommend Pokemon Puzzle Challenge to anybody who's going on a trip soon and needs a truly addictive game to keep them busy the entire way through.

SYSTEM: Game Boy Color



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