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Dino Crisis

It's true that dinosaurs are scarier than zombies!
Review By SCCAN85

The commercial for Dino Crisis is awesome. It totally made me want to play this game. So after seeing the commercial I went to BlockBuster the next day. I rented this game and some other game. My friend and I got home to play it, but there was one problem. None of us wanted to play because, well because it's dinosaurs instead of zombies. We saw the intro FMV and it is great. The problem was still there. We were both scared, but I decided to play first. When I saw the first dinosaur I got scared and shot the living crap out of it. I realized that it wasn't that different from zombies to dinosaurs. There are a lot of differences in this game which I will state later on. Dino Crisis was made in early 1999 by Capcom, the creators of the Resident Evil series. Dino Crisis is a good game but not as good as any of the Resident Evil games in my opinion. The rest of the review about Dino Crisis is just below this so if you're interested in playing Dino Crisis than I suggest you read on.

STORY: The story in Dino Crisis is more 'professional'. In the pervious REs, it's been all about survival or the story would happen because of mistake. Well, the story in Dino Crisis goes like this. Regina, a female secret agent type woman, has been assigned by her organization to venture off to an island with a couple of other people to find Dr. Kirk, a scientist who has thought to have been dead, and bring him back. Regina and her team are travelling to the island by a helicopter, but another government/ military team is already there. One of the members got lost in the woods. The island is covered with high trees and grass. It's basically a forest except for the middle of the island where there is a lab. Anyway, the deserted member is walking in the forest silently trying to find his way out until he hears something. Obviously he is not alone and he wishes he was because the other thing is a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. The member dies, but the main point is that something is definitely wrong with this island. Regina and her team land, but definitely notice something wrong at the secret entrance to the lab. It's eerily silent. The leader of the team, Rick (I think) went out to see what's wrong and he was then gone after hearing a loud beastly shriek. Regina and her friend (forgot his name) go to see what happens. From there on you develop the story and make your way into the lab. The story is really good, much better than the Resident Evil series.

GAMEPLAY: Dino Crisis is an exact Resident Evil clone, but with a few differences. First, there's dinosaurs instead of zombies and second, there is one character available. Even though there are people who help you out and accompany you, you can only be Regina unless something happens in the story. Everything else about the game is pretty much the same as Resident Evil except the puzzles. Of course, every Capcom survival horror game has to have puzzles. The puzzles are pretty hard, but most of them are pretty straightforward. There are things called D.D.K. locks which is a lock on a door which needs three things from you to open. You need two codes, input and output, and you need to unscramble the code. There are a lot of these D.D.K. locks around the building. Speaking of buildings, the lab in Dino Crisis is very large. There are many rooms, but there's something ironic about this game. The building is huge, but there isn't even that many dinosaurs. The dinosaurs as I said in the intro aren't hard. In fact there are some situations which may scare you such as when a dinosaur jumps in you. This happens sometimes and this cause Regina to fall over. You have to tap the buttons rapidly to get the dinosaur off her. Then you can blast the crap out of it. There is a decent variety of guns, but there's one problem. There isn't much ammunition within the entire game. This is bad, but there is amethod for either getting better bullets, better weapons or just medicine. This method is called mixing items (oooh I'm slick). 

You can mix some type of chemical with a bullet to make a poison needle which you can shoot in the dinosaur. There's a sleep needle which causes the dinosaur to fall asleep. There's a lot of stuff you can do with mixing for making good stuff weapon wise. There's also a lot of mixing you can do to make good medicine. You don't need much medicine at all because the enemies aren't that hard and there isn't a big variety of them either. There are items everywhere just like in the Resident Evil games. Meaning like if you check a shelf or desk there might be an item. So check everything in all the rooms. The map in Dino Crisis is very accurate and good. It's easy to find your way around with the map. This is no spoiler because you start the game with a map. Another hopefully non spoiler is that in the game there is a machine which you can check peoples fingerprints and get a finger ID card. You gotta use your head when playing this also. This is a very top secret lab and they have almost each door in the whole building accessible through certain types of cards. Well, that's pretty much all you need to know about the game. Just remember that it's like the Resident Evil games and that the dinosaurs aren't that hard. Overall, the gameplay is very fun and somewhat scary. 

CONTROLS: The controls in Dino Crisis are very similar to Resident Evil controls. In fact, I'm pretty sure they are the same. Yes! They are. Each button is used the same accordingly to Resident Evil. Hold R1 and press X to shoot. Anyway, the movement is decently responsive as is Regina. The camera in Dino Crisis is a bit weird. Though it isn't bad, but it does have its pros and cons. First, the pros. It looks good and it has Regina always facing forward so you see the back of her head or the side. It's much different than the Resident Evil camera how it was always messed up and it screwed your mind with the controls. Dino Crisis' camera view is usually zoomed towards Regina so anything that gets near her is visible to you unless there's a wall. The cons are that not everything within the room can be viewed. The camera views kind of suck when they change level. Sometimes it's a shot from the ground. Other than that I don't see anything wrong with the controls. If you are familiar with the Resident Evil setup of the controls then you'll have no problem with these. Overall, decent controls.

SOUND: Accuracy and realism at its finest in this game. What I mean is that there is no music in Dino Crisis. Well, there is music, but there isn't music in every place. Just certain places. It's hard to explain so bear with me. If there is a dinosaur or two in a room the music will get really high, but it's scary music like in a horror movie. In rooms where you just have to search around the room or meet someone there's either low beat music or no music at all. Usually throughout the game there is either no music or just scary music. The sounds are really great. They add to the scariness of this game. The dinosaurs sound very realistic and their loud shrieks can cause fear for even the bravest gamer. The guns sound very realistic when you destroy the dinosaurs. The voiceacting is very good as well. I'm pretty sure there is no reading in the game or atleast very little. Most of the talking if not all is talking where you can hear it. The voice acting is really good too. This game was like a movie just like how it was for me while playing Resident Evil 2. Overall, the music and sound FX in Dino Crisis are excellent and definitely very scary.

GRAPHICS: The graphics in Dino Crisis are very similar to Resident Evil, but it's a little different. First off, the whole game is in 3D so it's a lot different then Resident Evil in that aspect. Everything looks really good and very realistic. As I said this game was like a movie to me when playing this, because it has such good graphics that it actually looks like a movie that you control. The graphics are detailed. You can see the blood stains everywhere even if it's a little dot on the wall. The characters are all excellentally done. Regina not only looks beautiful, but she looks somewhat real. The dinosaurs look very real and that's what's so scary about this game. The realism. The coloring of the lab is well done as is the dinosaurs and the characters. If you break through a vent early in the game the vent will still be on the bottom of the ground where it was when you first did it. This yet again shows off the realism. Overall, the graphics are very good and it is a definite plus for Dino Crisis.

CHALLENGE: The challenge for Dino Crisis is about a little above average. The game as in most of the other survival horror games can be beaten around 4 hours or less. First time might take 5 hours. Believe me this game isn't that hard. At first thought you might of thought about this like me. Dinosaurs are gonna be hard to face then zombies. Well there not really. The only difference is there a little faster. Another thing which may give you good reason why this game isn't so hard is because Dino Crisis only has one boss. Yes that's right one boss. You encounter him a couple times, but still...ONE BOSS! A reason why the challenge is hard is because the lack of ammo within the lab. This may seem unfair, but remember about mixing and you won't need that much ammo. Overall, Dino Crisis isn't that hard. In fact the difficulty is similar to the Resident Evil games.

REPLAY: Well, if you thought Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 are replayable then this is a definite replayable game. I think playing games like this over is fun for many reasons. It doesn't take too long to beat so if you're bored it's a quick way of entertainment and it can keep you busy. Also, survival horror games never really get boring when playing for the first time (in my opinion atleast) so you could play and beat this game atleast 2 or 3 times. There are two difficulties. Hard and Easy. If you're like me and get scared in the beginning and decided to take the easy way it is SO much different on hard. You might enjoy yourself even more when palying hard mode because there are much more dinosaurs, less ammo and less medicine so that is much of a challenge. Overall, the replay value for Dino Crisis is very high.

OVERALL: Now to put the finishing touches on this review. I would definitely recommend you to either buy or rent Dino Crisis. If you are a big fan of the Resident Evil games then do yourself a favor and just play this game. It doesn't matter whether you buy it or rent it. All that matters is if you play it and I think everyone should play this even if you are strictly RPGs or strictly Sports. Will Capcom make a sequel to this great game? Who knows? I don't, but I think they shouldn't because if you beat the game then you'll know what I mean. Capcom won't have another story to lead off it unless they made a new island and Regina has to do it again, but that would be kind of boring. Well, I hope I got everything in this review or covered almost if not every aspect of the game. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

SYSTEM: PlayStation, PC, Dreamcast


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