Monday, February 04, 2013

Pokemon Dash

An OK Pokemon Game for the Nintendo DS.
Review By Meteorgun7

Pokemon Dash is Nintendo's first attempted game for the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Dash is a racing game in which you control Pikachu. There are numerous tracks that you can race on and if you upload any of your Gameboy Advance Pokemon Games from Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Emerald, you can create new tracks to race on.

GAMEPLAY: When you first begin playing the game, there is a tutorial so you can understand how to play. Basically, what you need to do is pass through checkpoints before your opponents get there. There are a lot of power-ups that can help you depending on which terrain you are in. If you get a forest power-up, Pikachu will be able to travel faster in a forest. A lava power-up will let Pikachu go faster in lava. There are also two other ways of getting to hard to reach checkpoints. You can you a Lapras so you can get across water or you can use a hot air ballon to travel anywhere on the race track except you can't land in the forest or the water.

GRAPHICS: When you first start the game, you will see a happy Pikachu that will greet you in the bottom screen. I put this under graphics because Pikachu looks as if he was right there in front of you. Anyway, when you start a race, you don't get to see much of 3D graphics since the camera is a bird's eye view camera. This is still pretty good though.

CONTROLS: It is very easy to control Pikachu in this game. All you need is your stylus and you are set. You need to use gentle strokes because it can get tiring if you apply pressure to your stylus.

DIFFICULTY: The difficulty of the opponents increases as you win more cups. It starts out very easy in the beggining but then, it gets harder.

OVERALL: I would say buy if you are a Pokemon fan since this is a must have game for any Pokemon fan. If you are not a Pokemon fan, rent it, you might not like it. Overall, this is a very fun game. Uploading your Pokemon from your Pokemon Gameboy Advance games can be very fun.

SYSTEM: Nintendo DS



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