Monday, February 04, 2013

Pokemon Trozei!

An excellent puzzles on the DS.
Review By Wolverinefan

I didn't want Pokemon Trozie; I wanted a real Pokemon game. At a time in the DS' life it really needed good games and a solid Pokemon game would have saved it. Instead Nintendo fed us stuff like Pokemon Dash. A year or two after Trozie came out I grabbed it because it was on clearance. Is it worth playing or just another shoddy DS Pokemon game? Read on!

A puzzle game with a plot? Don't make me... Wait, what's that? There is a plot? Someone is kidnapping Pokemon and you're a special agent who must bust into warehouses and capture all of the Pokemon back and stop the bad guy from taking more. Whoa... I was shocked with not only this game having a plot but by the fact that it wasn't too bad and that it uses cool little cut scenes to tell it.

Graphic wise the game is solid. The Pokemon heads look good and when a boss uses the shadow effect you can usually tell what Pokemon it is, if you know the heads you're working with. The cut scenes are very anime based and look good, lots of use of vibrant colors.

The sound in the game is forgettable. I don't remember the music or the sound effects so they couldn't have been very good. There is no voice work so I can't mention if that was good or not...

Control in the game is simple and responsive. It's all done with the stylus and was silky smooth,

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to play Pokemon Trozie. It's a puzzle game but the rules are a bit odd at first. Let's cover the modes. It pretty much has story mode, quick play and I do believe it offers some sort of wifi service.

The story mode is fairly long with 20 missions, 6 boss fights and a handful of other bonus missions. Within each mission there are specific "hidden" Pokemon to capture. They tend to only appear briefly and will vanish so it requires quick reflexes and the Ditto's lying around.

Okay, the unlike your typical puzzle title Trozie spices the game play up. You need to make a line of four same Pokemon heads. Once you do that you have a few seconds to line up three or more same Pokemon heads. It doesn't have to be the same Pokemon as the four in a row. After that you just need to match two of a kind within the limit. The limit isn't for a real specific amount of time, you just can't go without a combo in that small time frame, if you do it stops and you'll need to do another 4 combo. It's simple and addictive.

The catch to the game play is the boss fights. They will randomly grab your blocks, shuffle a row right before you do a combo and turn the screen black so all you can see are shadows. It really brings a challenge to the game.

You can collect all of the Pokemon in the story mode. It doesn't give you anything but it is something that adds some extra replay value for those who either have no friends or no access to the wifi. The catch though to catching them all, you can't beat the game before hand. Beating the game instantly starts you on the next difficulty and resets your Pokemon caught quota. This sucks and you should be given an option to advance it or not.

Pokemon Trozie might not be a perfect game but it's a really good one and it's something the DS really needs. This is one of the better puzzle games I've played in a while and easily in my top 5 portable puzzle games list. It's not for everyone and Pokemon fans will enjoy it the most but it's fun for any puzzle fans as well.

SYSTEM: Nintendo DS



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