Monday, February 18, 2013

The Elder Scrolls III - Bloodmoon

A whole new island to explore...
Review By DarkFury3827

The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind, had me going for the longest amount of time. I played that game nonstop for weeks. Now that I have gotten ahold of Bloodmoon, it makes a nice change from the regular game. If you have played anything of the main game, you will probably remember the Ashlands (however unpleasant the memories may be), a barren wasteland that stretched on for most of the entire continent. The Bloodmoon expansion adds another island, this time with great scenery to wander around in instead of the ash-choked mountainsides.

Besides the fact that you get to wander around in snow-capped mountains and pine forests, there is another few nice touches that have been added as well. First is the tougher enemies you can face, for those high level heroes that find cliff racers to offer no more of a challenge than an aggresive ladybug. You'll find things such as bears and wolves roaming the countryside, consuming random passerby.

New and improved armor and weapons have been added as well, for those who don't mind walking around in a bit of Nordic chain mail.

Bloodmoon also has a story of its own. The island suffers an ancient curse, as well as aggressive Nords inhabiting the northern end of the island, Solstheim. The empire also has a mining colony struggling to survive, which you can bring back to its feet with work and the will to stay alive. (Gives you chills doesn't it?) With lots to do, it gives many more hours of enjoyment.

Solstheim is quite a big island for being just an addition to the main game; it is probably 1/5 to 1/6 of the size of the main continent of Morrowind. You know, from traveling around on the first landmass that such an island that size has lots to do and lots to explore.

Other than that, much of the game, and all of the gameplay remains the same. Music, graphics... things like that is still quite indifferent. (Didn't expect that to change very much anyways.) Overall I enjoyed Bloodmoon, and still am, and in the rush of getting a new and exciting game I am honoring it with a nine out of ten. Some of the battles and such can be a bit boring and repetitive, but it is a much better feeling to be tackling berserkers and bears instead of bugs and beetles. I would say that if you already have Morrowind, and enjoyed it, to go out and splurge the extra money and get Bloodmoon. It's worth it.




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