Monday, February 18, 2013

The Elder Scrolls III - Tribunal

The Experience Continues, with a different tone...
Review By xBlueKirby

This game was immensly enjoyable. There was small differences in gameplay and such, but the major difference was the tone. While Morrowind seemed like the day-to-day life in a surreal, seamy, crime-ridden country, Tribunal takes your character away from his normal jobs and puts him in the middle of purely supernatural occurences. This was a wonderful change in tone (Having just finished all the Mage's Guild quests).

CONTROLS: No different than Morrowind, whatever you configured them to be, it stays.

STORY: You start in Morrowind as normal, then you go to sleep, and wake up to the peaceful sound of......swords slashing at your bedpost?! You're attacked by the Dark Brotherhood (I think they're the same as the Camonna Tong), and after you kill the first one, your journal is updated telling you what to do. You then follow your journal, travelling to Mournhold. I won't give much more away, I'll just say the plot has some major twists and awesome, history-changing events, as far as Tamriel goes.

GAMEPLAY: Tribunal is, like I mentioned above, a great experience. The game is more story-driven this time around, with some pretty major events happening that probably will shape Elder Scrolls 4. You keep your original character, Nerevarine or not, and play through the game the same way.

Quests The quests have some more variations, including such as a bar bouncer that throws out drunks (but not kills!!), memorizing lines for a theatre play, and matching guys and girls for dates. There are many more types, but the main quest mainly centers around the fetch-item, kill-something, find-information quests. I thoroughly liked the Temple quests, you will meet Almalexia and...Sotha Sil, sort of. The plot deviates from where it started, and you never quite figure out exactly why the beginning happened, but after the Dark Brotherhood buisness is over it's bloody good. 

Dungeons/Fighting The dungeons are massive, as advertised, but I soon found the fighting to be exhaustive. I mean, after hacking my way through Goblins and their pets for about two hours, only trying to find an exit, only to find that it's not the exit but only MORE GOBLINS. If I see another Durzog I will SCREAM.

New Armor There are five major types of armor that are new. I think the game designers wanted to balance out the medium armor type, and the new Adamantium Armor and Royal Guard Armor fill that category. The Dark Brotherhood armor is great light armor, I don't think it's better than glass, but I'm not sure. I lost my stealth character a while ago. The Goblins also throw in a light shield. 

Then there's the High Ordinator armor, which is a stronger form of Ordinator armor. It's enchanted variation, Her Hand's Armor, made for Almalexia's personal guard, is either best or second best Heavy Armor, depending on your view. You'll have a chance to get a set in the game, but you'll still be attacked if you talk to guards. The enchantments fortify skills, resist magic and spells, and all that stuff, and combined with one of Almalexia's blessings and Trebonius's Necromancer Amulet, I was pretty invincible in my Her Hand's armor.

New Weapons The Adamantium also makes weapons, which are pretty good, I guess. I still stuck to my Daedric ones, plus artifacts like Chrysamere. The Goblins have a good shortblade, and an excellent blunt weapon club (good for one-handed anyway). The High Ordinators have Ebony Scimatars, a longsword, which is okay, but then you could jsut take the Her Ebony Scimatar and do a lot better.

There are also new unique-enchanted weapons made of the same material, like the glass Dagger of Symmachus. There is the sword of Almalexia, and you finally get your very own sword of legend. These two swords have new special effects, but they're still good weapons.

New Creatures Goblins, Liches, Durzogs, Fabricants, oh my. Four new creatures, five if you count the two fabricant variations. The Goblins look pretty LoTR-ish. The Durzogs look like dinosaurs. The Liches look like Bonelords (yawn). The Fabricants are...pretty cool. Half creature, half machine, they play a major part in the game. You even will get to summon one at the end of the game! hehe!

SOUND: Sound is pretty well done. Same sounds as Morrowind, but the screams of the Fabricants are pretty haunting. The music was one thing, I am sorry to say, I had to sacrifice for runtime. I have no idea what it sounds like. But sound is good, sound is good.

OVERALL: Buy it today. It's a great thing for $30. If you liked Morrowind, you'll like this too, maybe even more. I look forward to Elder Scrolls 4, whenever Bethesda's ready.




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