Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crysis 2

One of the best FPS's I have ever played.
Review By Greyfox767

Before I start this review I have to say that I never played the first Crysis. Therefore, this review will not compare the two games. Crysis 2 was released on March 23, 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This review is for the PS3 version (Since this is the PS3 section) and I will not compare the versions either. The 1st Crysis is known mostly for its PC busting Graphics and fun gameplay.

STORY: In this game you play as a US marine named Alcatraz, who is on a secret mission to extract a Dr. Gould from a quarantined New York City (because of a mysterious sickness) due to the fact that he is rumored to know something about the sickness. Before they can reach New York though, their sub comes under fire and is destroyed by an unknown aircraft. Alcatraz is almost killed and is saved by a Nanosuit wearing Individual called Prophet. Prophet than gives you a Nanosuit and tells you to find Dr. Gould. Overall the story is good, with likable characters and a few good twists.

GRAPHICS: Holy crap. This is the most obvious strength of the game. The game is absolutely beautiful. The lighting is perfect, the textures are perfect, and everything about the graphics is perfect. The frame rate also rarely dips. Impressively the game only loads new thing between missions, where it's covered up by mission briefings so there are no loading screens. There is nothing to bad here at all.

SOUND: I thought the sound was good. The dialogue is clear,and the guns and sound effects are good. Is there really anything else to say?

GAMEPLAY: By far the most important part of a game. Thankfully this game has some of the best gameplay I've seen in a FPS for a long time. The star of the show here is the Nanosuit itself. The suit allows you to perform superhuman feats such as moving faster than any human could ever dream of, turn invisible, be strong enough to toss humans, cars and 50 Cal machine guns around like it was only paper. And the gameplay takes full advantage of this. The gameplay is open ended, you have to get to one point but it's your decision on how to accomplish it. You could sneak past everyone like some kind of High tech super ninja; you could turn on your cloak and thermal goggles on and slowly and silently kill every guard in the area without them even knowing that your there like a predator. Or you could turn on the armor mode of your suit, Tear a heavy machine gun off of a Humvee and massacre everyone in the area. 

The choice is yours. This is all possible thank to the visor of your suit, which allows you to highlight guards and tactical opportunities. You can also upgrade your suit with materials found on soldiers and you can also customize your weapons with attachments that you find. One small complaint I have though is that the AI can be really stupid at times. They walk into walls, they don't notice when you bash their friend's brains into their throats, and they sometimes forget that you're shooting at them. But sometimes the AI is kind of overpowered, spotting you from hundreds of yards away if you kill another soldier while cloaked. Most of the time though the AI is average and will perform well, noticing when you punch through their best friend's heart. The campaign also lasts for about 10-15 hours, a good amount of time for a FPS today (best 10 hours of my life).

MULTIPLAYER: This is a mixed bag. The Multiplayer is fun for the most part with a few flaws. As of the time this review was written it is laggy and has some connection issues. But for the most part it is fun. Right now there are six game modes (free for all, team deathmatch, capture the flag, your standard modes) and a handful of maps. You rank up and unlock new equipment just like in Call of Duty. The big difference between this and Call of Duty are the suit powers. Every power that is in the campaign is in multi. However I have to say that none of them feel overpowered. Overall a very fun multiplayer with a few issues.

OVERALL: After playing though the campaign and getting to level 25 in multiplayer, I have to say that this is my favorite FPS ever. Everything about it, the story, the gameplay, the graphics are pretty much perfect. This is a game you should definitely check out if you're bored of Call of Duty or are looking for a fun game to keep you entertained.

SYSTEM: PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation #



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