Friday, May 10, 2013

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

Pastel suits, neon lights, fast cars and fast women.
Review By Gun Runner

One of the best games ever made. Put simply this is one of the best games ever created for any console. Proceeding from the seemingly legendary grand Theft Auto III, this game takes the base of that game and expands it into something out of proportion. Everything is bigger, better and more fun to play.

There is now a new star for the grand theft auto series, Tommy Vercetti. That’s right he’s the new lead character and the person you control. If you have number III you will remember the star did not even have a name let alone a voice. This time he has both and is extremely menacing adding a different atmosphere to the game. Tommy will talk about his mission ahead and curse passing motorists who tackle with the nut case.

GAMEPLAY: This really does take the award for best ever Gameplay. The way you can do whatever you want without following a linear plot like most games is outstanding and a lot more enjoyable. You will be playing this game for a long time, finally achieving the 100% game with things like hidden packages to find, unique stunts to pull off and over 50 original missions to complete. To be honest the missions are a tad easy and with enough practice acquired should be passed in no time but the fun thing is though there are multiple ways to complete that mission. So say one way is not working for you, try a different route or a different weapon.

Also once you do pass it you will want to replay it again and again to find new, adventurous ways to complete. So Tommy may have bottomless pockets to store all his gadgetry in, but they are split into sections of weapons as the weapon database is huge and you could not flip through them all at an instant. Two excellent additions to the vehicles are motorbikes and helicopters. The first time you get on a PCJ 600 you will be exasperated at the speed and beautifulness of flying down the highway. You can fly where ever you want with a helicopter in this game (much better than the Dodo in III) and will make your journey a whole lot faster and easier (no air traffic) but indeed the best feeling is using a helicopter to blow up people and cars on the ground with a built in machine gun and rocket launchers.

Also there is a change for the better in the population of Vice City. Normal street people will pick a fight you, the cops are now hell bent on busting or wasting you and quite frankly having the army on your butt is a lot easier to do than in III. Saying that though the cops are a tad tedious and a lot easier to getaway from than in III while it is hard to maintain a chase with out getting bored in 5 minutes and driving into a pay and spray and losing the stars. This time though instead of instantly losing them, the stars will flash on your screen and if you commit any more crime before they stop flashing the cops will be back on you within a flash. The only that I am missing is Grand Theft Auto III guy sticking his finger up to the cars. That was classy.

Tommy Vercetti is back on the streets after a long stretch inside. Sonny Forelli, his old boss is concerned as he is afraid people will remember his face and be bad for business so Sonny decides to send him to the sunny delights of vice city (Miami). All does not go smoothly as Tommy is set up for a drugs deal only to lose it all. Sonny is angry. He wants his money and drugs back. Tommy is going to have to fight for his life to defeat Vice City with its drug barons, gangs and tough policemen. His lawyer contact gives Tommy the helping hand...

That is just the beginning of a long and drawn out story concluding in an all too regular finish, with a few twists and turns to get you surprised. Really though it is nothing special but does keeps the game rolling along nicely and some of the cut scenes for a certain asset are quite funny.

To me, I do not think these are the best graphics I have ever seen. They are really just a partial upgrade from the last game, again from a third person view and clear. The weather is ever changing and is shown beautifully in the game. One of the bastard things in Vice City is cars will disappear in front of your eyes. If you do a quick 360 degree turn you will find the car you were admiring has completely vanished into complete air. The buildings do sometimes tend to pop up a bit but it isn’t all bad. There has been a lot of detail put into the cars and various cut scenes.

The ever popular radio has made it back and is blasting out a regular stream of songs for anybodies taste. There are various kinds of music (all from the 1980’s) ranging from Michael Jackson to Ozzy Osbourne. There is also not one but two chat stations now, both strange and guaranteed for a laugh. Tommys voice rings out from your speakers as he argues and chats away with a range of people. But be warned, there are a few expletives thrown in to the speech and people with sensitive ears should cover them. All crashes and crunches will be heard while in the car with regular commentary from pedestrians walking by. Explosions will be heard for miles around as the screen shakes.

Both of these do deserve a ten as you will spend months and maybe even years playing this game. It takes time to complete every single mission (especially those damn hard ambulance missions) plus collect 100 hidden packages and pull off 36 unique jumps and kill every gang members in those uber hard rampages. Once you have though and are fed up with roaming around killing everybody on sight and getting chased by police, you will give in and start a new file and be completely immersed once again in the vulgar delights of Vice City. It will feel like a new game and you’ll forget about everything else and just play Vice City. When the game is banished to the dusty corners of your cupboard, there will be a niggling part of your conscience making you pick up that box, take out the disk and put it back in the drive and make you happy again.

This game is truly ground breaking but is let down by the graphics and god damn disappearing cars. If you can handle the comical deaths and vulgar language, then you will absolutely love this game I can assure you. I suggest you do buy it with out thinking as you will treasure this game in years to come and bring you many happy days of playing. Really it is that good. I will remember this game as one of the all time greats that I bought off a mate for 20 quid as he could not run it on his system (lucky me) played for the first time and was over awed, played more to see if it kept being good then replaying about 5 times, then thanking that mate for the best game ever. Overall a game you must and should have.

SYSTEM: PlayStation 2, PC, XBOX, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, PlayStation 3



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